Communication Coaching for Parents

Are you struggling with your child?

  • Are you perplexed about what to say to your 6-year-old when she bursts into tears and says she has no friends, even though you know she does?
  • Do you feel upset when your children seem to take you for granted?
  • Are you frustrated that your 9-year-old has left his chores undone, again?
  • Does it seem like your child’s teacher isn’t hearing your concerns?
  • Would you like to have clearer boundaries with your adult son?
  • Are you at a loss about how to deal with your teenage daughter’s hostility?
  • Would you like to talk to the parent of your son’s friend about his behavior with your child but are afraid she will get defensive?
  • Do you wish there was more cooperation and harmony in your family?
  • Does it seem like you and your partner can never agree when it comes to parenting?


Most parents have times of self-doubt and confusion about how to deal with certain issues that arise with their children

It is not easy to raise compassionate, conscientious and self-reliant children in the 21st century. Many factors put strains on the family, like social media, our societal obsession with technology, easy access to drugs and alcohol, single parenting, separation from extended family, divergent views about parenting, etc. To make matters worse, it can be easy to become isolated and think you are the only one having difficulties with your child.


Developing good parent/child communication is extremely important. According to the Advocates for Youth website, “Research indicates that strong family relationships can help children develop self-esteem, resist peer pressure, and act responsibly when making decisions.  Effective parent-child communication is the cornerstone of strong and healthy families.”

Nonviolent Communication™ can help you deal with a specific issue skillfully or develop practical skills that can strengthen your family and make parenting more enjoyable

Nonviolent Communication™, like attachment parenting, offers a theoretical framework and practical skills that lead to effective communication and foster creativity, empowerment and compassion in children. As a psychotherapist and Nonviolent Communication™ practitioner, I also bring over 25 years experience working with children and families as an elementary and preschool teacher, school counselor, coordinator for restorative justice in schools, and facilitator of peacemaking circles.

Parent Communication Coaching can help you:


  • Receive empathy, understanding and acceptance for what you are going through
  • Deal with a specific, challenging situation
  • Clearly express your needs in a way your children can hear
  • Hear what your child is saying “yes” to when they say “no” to you
  • Understand where your child is coming from
  • Transform power struggles into trust and cooperation
  • Lessen the number of family conflicts
  • Communicate better with your partner
  • Foster your children’s self-reliance and compassion for others