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Relationship Counseling

Are you trying to decide whether to stay with or leave your partner?  


  • Do you feel lonely and unhappy in your marriage but your spouse balks when you suggest going to couples counseling?
  • Are you overwhelmed with doubt after your new partner said or did something that triggered  you (even though things had been going really well.)?
  • Are you feeling dissatisfied in your marriage and the role you have fallen into, but find your spouse brushes aside your concerns or refuses to talk about it?
  • Perhaps you are involved with someone with whom you feel excitement and passion but are scared you are recreating the same toxic relationship you have had before.
  • Does it feel like you are the only one making any effort to make your relationship work?

It can be hard when you are in turmoil about an intimate relationship


Every relationship will inevitably have its ups and downs, and like all of life, will change over time.  At each juncture, there is an opportunity to open up and deepen our bond or pull back and separate emotionally or physically.  Factors such as our compatibility, where we are in our life, the imprint of our early childhood experiences, significant life changes such as a new child or the death of a parent, our ability to communicate our needs effectively, the amount of time we have together, and our personal and spiritual growth as individuals all impact our intimate relationships.

Deep bonds with another tap into the most vulnerable parts of ourselves. So, when we are having difficulties with our partner, or seriously doubting the viability of our marriage, it can throw our whole life out of balance.


If this sounds like you, relationship counseling may help you sort through your challenges, even if your partner is not willing to participate.


As a psychotherapist and relationship counselor, I really enjoy assisting individuals with their relationship issues.  You can expect me to treat you as a whole and competent person, and to listen to you until you feel deeply understood.  I will not tell you what you should do nor how you should act.  Rather, I will assist you to sense into and hear the wisdom that comes from your bodily felt sense about the situation.   I may also coach you in your communication, if that is what is needed.

In addition, I can assist you to:

  • See your own patterns that might be unconsciously aggravating the conflicts and disconnection in your marriage
  • Gain a fresh, more objective perspective on what is happening between the two of you.
  • Heal old wounds and blocks that you might be carrying that are getting in the way of deeper intimacy and connection
  • Learn more effective ways to communicate your concerns
  • Pay attention to warning signs that you were blind to in the past
  • Tap into your inner wisdom to sense what your next right steps might be and arrive at a decision that feels clear and right to you.

Questions & Answers

I invite you to contact me at 303-485-9428 for a free 30 minute phone consultation to learn more about my psychotherapy and relationship counseling services.  I have offices in both Longmont and Boulder.