•  Are you experiencing sadness, confusion, worry or anger?
•  Do painful patterns of thought or behavior keep you frozen?
•  Are your relationships difficult or unsatisfying?

There is another possibility.

Psychotherapy can help you dissolve stuck, painful patterns so you can relax into being yourself.  It can also support you in finding ease, clarity and fulfillment in your relationships.


Kate Kendrick, MA

Kate Kendrick, MA

My name is Kate Kendrick, and I offer psychotherapy and relationship counseling in Longmont, Colorado, to individuals, couples and families. For over 13 years, I’ve helped men and women heal their inner wounds, improve their relationships with themselves and others, and flourish in their lives.

Within you is a source of wisdom that is vast and has always been there. By tapping into the messages of your body, you can access this inner knowing – something that is often missed in simple talk therapy. Deep within, you know exactly what you need, your true potential and the right direction for your life. Your inner wisdom also naturally moves you toward health and wellbeing.

As a therapist, I help you get in touch with your inner wisdom and follow its direction. To do this, I use a person-centered and holistic approach,using a combination of complementary body mind and mindfulness based psychotherapies, Spiritual Psychology, and Nonviolent Communication. If you are having trouble in a relationship, I help you learn effective communication skills – skills in which you can be true to yourself, speak authentically and be understanding of the other.

"Kate is one of the most loving, compassionate therapists that I have ever come across. She skillfully and gently facilitated me through the process of befriending those parts of me that were scared and angry, ultimately leading me toward a more peaceful, clear and integrated place of being. And from this place, I am experiencing the full potential of manifesting that which I desire. Truly the most profound inner work I have done!"

Certified Nutritionist and Herbalist

My services include:

· Individual therapy for adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief, relationship issues and life transitions.

· Couples therapy to improve communication and intimacy.

· Nonviolent Communication coaching for professionals and parents

It’s not easy to reach out when you are hurting. You may want to set up a free half-hour consultation to get acquainted and see if my services are a good match for you.

To set up a free consultation, send me a note and I will contact you. Or call me at 303.485.9428